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  • Not to be rude, but are you getting paid to be a friend in the same way a prostitute gets paid for sex?"
    Well, sort of. A prostitute is typically paid for the performance of a sexual act, no emotional attachment, no emotional bond - just "wham bam thank you ma'am". We're quite different. At 24:7 Friend, we are paid strictly for our conversation techniques and coaching skills - not a physical or sexual act, at all! We're paid for our genuine belief in your potential, to celebrate your small and big successes, and help you identify what you truly desire in life and help you form a strategy to make it happen. And conversations with your 24:7 Friend are over the phone, mobile apps, or video chat; there is no physical in person relationship unless you live close to your 24:7 Friend and there's a great cafe nearby. A more appropriate metaphor to think of us - rather than paying a prostitute - is how you pay a personal trainer at the gym. Instead of paying a personal trainer to encourage you to build muscle using weights, feel great, and look great, a 24:7 Friend encourages you to build your confidence in your decisions and actions in any area of life. Your 24:7 Friend helps you identify your unique motivations in life, which makes all aspects of your life look and feel great.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each 24:7 Friend offers both a flat rate package and their own per-minute rate, and that rate can be found on the app that we use. Your 24:7 Friend will share that app info with you on your intro conversation, rather than bore you with the technical instructions too early. Traditional old-school life, career, and business coaches expect money up front for several sessions. This can be very restricting and requires you to commit to a certain hour and day every week. By also offering a pay-per-minute model, it means you can schedule anytime on-demand and have a chat whenever you choose throughout the day or week, rather than waiting forever for your one-session-a-week to come up on the calendar. We love freedom and flexibility at 24:7 Friend. If you need more technical details on how that works, check the "boring" details on our Terms and Conditions page. People who are passionate about making a change in their life need 24:7 (daily) on-demand support, and they do not to be treated like a therapist patient restricted to a once-a-week session. So, offering "per-minute" as an option means you have more freedom, flexibility, and perhaps most importantly, more affordability since you can have a call as short as 15 minutes if you wish to keep it inexpensive.
  • What happens during a call?
    This is not a two-way friendship where we expect you to ask us the dreaded small talk question "How are yooooou?". Instead, we will typically deflect any questions you ask about us personally and put the focus of the conversation immediately and 100% on you - helping you make decisions and actions for the day that supercharge your personal life, your business, or your career. Here's what generally happens during a call. We confirm the time that you wish to spend for the call. This can change if both of you are flexible, but we like to confirm at the beginning. If you're new to the 24:7 Friend experience, we'll answer any questions you have about what we do and we will give you an overview. We spend the call focusing 100% on you. After an intro, our first goal is define what you want from our conversations long-term, then find what you want from the call you're on today (short-term), and finally design a next step that taps into your deepest motivations.
  • How do I become a 24:7 Friend?
    If you've had formal training and proper credentialing in the science and art of personal coaching (life, business, or career), then please use the Contact page of our website to send us a message and express your interest.
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