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Queensland, Australia, and serving clients internationally


6 April 2015

I can coach you on anything, but I specialise in.... 

Human Relationships: Relationship Boundaries

Coaching Qualifications

* Credentials earned from The International Coach Federation (6 Apr 2015)
* Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach Training from Goal Imagery Institute (10 Feb 2015)
* Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching’s Life and Leadership Potentials Training (11 Nov 2012)
* Certified Coach training from Fowler Wainwright International (1 Dec 2012)

Fun facts about me

* I wrote, recorded, and published original music you can hear on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital retailers.
* I wrote and published a book called The Science of Personal Coaching.
* Fresh raw oysters make me very happy.
* I can deadlift just under 1.5 times my body weight at the gym.
* I recorded and published a few seasons of a podcast called Misses Impossible.

Career Background

* Career background in Corporate Communications and Marketing for international and local organisations in New York, Sydney, and Brisbane
* Spent third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford, Keble College, England
* Graduated from a private college in New York (Nyack College) with highest honors in Philosophy and English

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Download the above app in order to make calls and appointments requests directly from your phone. The below link takes you to my Loki profile where you can call me at the per-minute rate displayed on my Loki profile. 


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