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Your 24:7 Friendship has three stages.

Stage 1

Book your intro.

  1. Schedule your intro conversation. Organise what you want in life or career in your first call with your 24:7 Friend, and you can pick any 24:7 Friend of your choice. After your 60-90 minute conversation, your 24:7 Friend will let you know how to download an app so you can either call your 24:7 Friend on demand or book another conversation. 

Stage 2

Start the trip of a lifetime.

  1. Design a destination. During the 60-90 minute intro conversation, you and your 24:7 Friend will discover your long term goal that you believe will make the biggest impact on your life right now - any kind of goal whatsoever. Your long term goal is what we call a "Destination", and it's like the road trip of a lifetime - an adventurous new thing in your life that you'll never forget. Your 24:7 Friend is like your own personal chauffeur driving you toward your goal; you direct every turn we take in the conversation.

  2. Detour when needed. Change your Destination if or when needed. A Destination is a big deal, but sometimes you have to take a detour. Other times you discover an even better and clearer Destination and revise your plan.

Stage 3

Your Friend will support you to the final Destination.

  1. We're with you for all "next stops" on the journey. After designing your Destination (aka long term goal) in Stage 2, you'll decide on a regular frequency of conversation (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). Each conversation is like a stop on a road trip where you can refuel, check the map to make sure you're on the right path, check the car's health, and strategise the next leg on your road trip. In other words, each conversation with your 24:7 Friend will involve checking your motivation, strategy, and establish the next short term goal or "next stop" on the way to your Destination. 

  2. Reach your Destination. After reaching your Destination, you may decide to stop and enjoy what you've accomplished for a while before coming back to 24:7 Friend. You can have a little "goal honeymoon". Or you may decide to get right back on the road with us and get driving to your next big Destination in life.

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