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Terms & Privacy

Part 1. What you agree to

Last Updated: 1 June 2021

Part 1. What you agree to

By using this Website "" or any of the Services or Products it relates to, you agree to the expectations, terms, conditions, and privacy policy all as written here on this webpage and contained in each of the sections linked here below. 

Part 2. Definitions of words used on this page

Part 3. What Clients can expect from every Friend

Part 4. What 24:7 Friend expects from every Client

Part 5. Other legal and ethical responsibilities

Part 6. Privacy policy

Part 2. Definitions
Part 2. Definitions of words used on this page

You (the reader of this webpage, visitor, or purchaser of Services) agree to read this webpage in its entirety before using any of our services or products. This page lists what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.  By using this website and any part of it, you agree to continually uphold and keep up to date with all of the Terms and Conditions here below. 

  1. Agreement refers to this webpage in its entirety and all terms, conditions, expectations, obligations, processes, requirements, and policies it describes. 

  2. Website refers to any and all URLs or webpages on the website and/or any of the related domains that 24:7 Friend owns or controls. 

  3. Webpage or this page refers to the entire webpage that you are reading right now located at "".

  4. Services or Service refers to the conversations that take place between Friends and Clients. It may also refer to group coaching, live workshops and events, or other services performed through or by 24:7 Friend. 

  5. Products or Product refers to any products for sale on the Website or linked through the Website, such as books, pre-recorded workshops, or other products. 

  6. 24:7 Friend refers to the name of the brand and the entity itself that owns this Website. The brand is founded by Cyndi McCoy of Brisbane Australia and acts as an agency that refers people to professionally trained coaches who share its coaching vision and standard of service as described in this Agreement. However, in other places on this Website or in marketing and advertisements, the term "24:7 Friend" may be used to refer to a Friend or Friends who are listed on this Website

  7. Friends or Friend refer to the trained professionals who appear on our website and who offer professional coaching services. We like to use the common word "friend" to refer to our professional coaches because our vision and standard of services is based on the belief that the coaching industry (life, personal, business, and career coaching) needs to evolve away from the traditional stiff corporate model of coaching which follows a once-a-week therapy model and instead evolve into a warmer, more flexible, and accessible business model that is on-demand, frequent, and personal. 

  8. Clients or Client refers to those who purchase the professional services of Friends through this WebsiteClients or Client may also refer to those who receive the professional services of Friends through this Website as a gift. A Client or Clients can also refer to those who have not yet paid for services but who receive free or complimentary conversation time. Ideally, we would also refer to our clients as  "friends", but doing that would make it hard to distinguish who is who in this Agreement

  9. Friendship or 24:7 Friendship refers to the relationship between a Client and their Friend or between a Client and 24:7 Friend.

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Part 3: What Clients can expect
Part 3. What Clients can expect from every Friend

A. Our Service Standards

These are the three general categories of what Clients can expect from every 24:7 Friend (or "Friend"). Below are the three categories of service standards that we aim for, and each one begins with a letter "A", which is why we call it the Triple A Rating. 


We aim for every Friend to score an average "Triple A Rating" or "AAA Rating" minimum of 80 out of 100. A "Triple A Rated Coach" is a measuring tool first developed by Cyndi McCoy and published in her book The Science of Personal Coaching, and it is used to determine quality and effectivity. The rating system directly measures a Friend's aptitude, accessibility, and ability to supercharge their client's decision-making and action-taking. Scores are collected only from clients who have spent a minimum of three total hours of verified conversations with a Friend. 


For Clients who are willing, we will ask Clients to provide a score to rate their experience with their Friend. A score of zero ("0") means "It couldn't be any worse" and a score of ten ("10") means "It couldn't be any better".


Aptitude (Natural Tendency)

1. How much do you feel that your Friend sincerely believes in you?
2. How comfortable does your Friend seem to feel during the coaching conversation? 
3. Overall, how much better do you feel right after conversations with your Friend?  

Accessibility (Availability and Responsiveness)

4. How happy are you with how quickly your Friend replies to your messages, emails, and phone calls? Our aim is for Friends to respond to you within twenty-four (24) hours or on our next advertised work day (as written on their Loki profiles). 
5. How easy it is to find an available appointment time on your Friend’s calendar? 
6. How reliably does your Friend keep appointments and arrive on time to appointments?

Ability (Technical Skills)

7. How skilled is your Friend in helping you overcome negative thinking about yourself and the world?
8. How skilled is your Friend in helping you clarify what you really want? 
9. How well does your Friend help you think through the design of your action plans? 
10. How convinced are you that your conversations and personal information are kept confidential by your Friend? 


Regarding item number 10 of the above list, your Friend agrees to keep your information strictly confidential except where legally required by law such as illegal activity, pursuant to valid court order or subpoena, as well as imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others. 


B. Service Technologies We Use


For unpaid Services such as complimentary coaching conversations or reasonably quick communications to coordinate appointments, Clients and Friends may use any technology that both parties agree to in writing (via email, electronic message, or text message) such as mobile phone, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other communication technology they agree to. 


For paid Services, a Friend may use a third-party mobile app for communication with Clients. These apps have their own Terms and Conditions as well as their own Privacy Policy of which 24:7 Friend has no control over and no responsibility or liability. By purchasing any services of 24:7 Friend, you fully understand this and you agree that 24:7 Friend has no liability whatsoever. 


Clients may request the use of new or other communication technologies with their Friend for their paid Services, but it is up to the discretion of the Friend whether to use the technology for their Services or not.  


C. Every Friend's obligation to other Friends and 24:7 Friend


Each Friend agrees to the following obligations to 24:7 Friend and to the network of other Friends who provide 24:7 Friend Services via this Website.


1. Friends brainstorm, plan, and encourage eachother regarding creative ways to share 24:7 Friend's message together with our individual messages.

2. Friends use 24:7 Friend's name and branding only in ways approved in writing or email by 24:7 Friend. "Branding" includes visuals as well as any language used by 24:7 Friend such as "Destination," "Next Stop", and using the term "Friend" or "24:7 Friend" instead of using the term "coach". 

3. Friends agree to attend regularly-scheduled live online gatherings of all Friends, and Friends agree to an average attendance rate at these events of 75% attendance or more for every Friend. Founder or Owner of 24:7 Friend will designate in writing if any events do not apply to this rule. 

4. Friends agree to introduce themselves personally in the live online gatherings to other Friends and share their genuine feelings and thoughts so that other 24:7 Friends can learn about them and refer others to them. Friends refer Clients to other Friends when a different niche is needed by a Client or when the personality chemistry and overall effectiveness of Services may be better with a different Friend. 

5. If any of the above four points are not met, then the Friend agrees to discontinue their relationship with 24:7 Friend and discontinue their own use of the 24:7 Friend branding in all forms in all of their marketing media, offline and online. The Friend will remove any and all media in their control which contains 24:7 Friend branding or content. Discontinuation of the relationship will be confirmed via email or other electronic communication and Friend agrees that all branding removed within three business days of that communication.

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Part 4. What 24:7 Friend expects from every Client
Part 4. What 24:7 Friend expects from every Client
  1. Your conversations with your Friends are conducted in order to facilitate the creation/development of personal and/or professional goals and to develop and carry out a strategy or plan for achieving those goals, and so you will expect to leave each call with both a goal and a strategy or plan of action, however big or small.

  2. You will initiate the call or video call with your Friend at the time that you scheduled your call or video call, and you accept full financial responsibility for showing up more than fifteen (15) minutes late or cancelling within twenty-four (24) hours. This means that you are willing to pay-in-full for your scheduled call if you are fifteen (15) minutes past your scheduled time or if you cancel within twenty-four (24) hours. Any exceptions or forgiveness to this fee are at the discretion of your Friend and will depend on the nature of the lateness or cancellation.  This payment may be made by PayPal to the Friend or through the Loki app itself to the Friend.

  3. You accept any and all charges for any and all internet usage or bandwidth and/or mobile phone provider costs associated with your call with your Friend. 

  4. You confirm and agree that you are older than eighteen (18) years of age and you agree that you are fully responsible for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being during every call, including all your choices and decisions made during conversations with your Friend.  

  5. You are aware that you can choose to discontinue services at anytime or switch to another  Friend at any time. You are never stuck in a Friendship. If you have pre-paid for Services with a Friend, those are non-refundable. If you use the pay-per-minute app for Services with a Friend, then there is no running balance; this is why we recommend using pay--per-minute applications - to provide you with the financial flexibility.

  6. You understand that Friends use professional coaching techniques and implement their skilled training to conduct conversations with Clients such as yourself, but because of our professional training, professional standards, and the payment arrangement, this is additionally a relationship that consists of a paid professional service. 24:7 Friend aims for its professional coaches to be like "friends" who can talk whenever they're available rather than like a traditional coach who acts more similarly to a "therapist" who expects a more formal conversation once a week; but while we aim to be more flexible, accessible, and warm, we are additionally professional service providers and treat the relationship with that degree of professional respect.

  7. You understand that what takes place during a conversation with a Friend involves the skills and techniques of general life, business, or career coaching. Coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of life, including self-care, work, finances, physical health, human relationships, learning, and more. You acknowledge and agree that in all possible situations, your decisions on how to handle all topics and any related issues that arise are exclusively your responsibility, not the responsibility of your Friend or 24:7 Friend.

  8. You understand that the service of coaching, which 24:7 Friend and its Friends provides, does not involve or include the diagnosis or treatment of "mental disorders" as defined by any professional mental health organisation or association.  You understand that 24:7 Friend Services are not a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment and you will not use it in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.

  9. You promise that if you are currently in therapy or under the care of a mental health professional, that you have consulted with the mental health care provider regarding the advisability of working with a coach or with 24:7 Friend and that this person is aware of your decision to proceed with the coaching relationship that 24:7 Friend provides.

  10. You understand that information shared throughout your relationship with 24:7 Friend or your Friend will be held as confidential and kept only within 24:7 Friend's or your Friend's records (not elsewhere) unless you state otherwise, in writing, except as required by law.

  11. You understand that information about your needs as a Client would only be confidentially shared with Friends who are contracted with 24:7 Friend or only if you have contacted them and initiated a conversation with them. 

  12. Conversation topics may be anonymously and hypothetically shared with 24:7 Friend's coaching professionals for training or consultation purposes. "Anonymously and hypothetically shared" information means that your identity will not be shared in these circumstances. 

  13. You agree that any testimonial that you agree to provide to 24:7 Friend will be owned by 24:7 Friend and used in perpetuity in any media format. You agree that copyright and license of anything that contains your testimony belongs to 24:7 Friend. Thank you, by the way, for agreeing to this and allowing us to share your inspiring words or content. 

  14. You understand that conversations you have with a 24:7 Friend will not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, mental health, or other qualified professionals.  You will seek independent professional guidance for legal, medical, financial, business, mental health, or other matters.  

  15. You understand that each and every decision made in 24:7 Friend conversations and all related actions and consequences are exclusively yours alone, you own them, and you acknowledge that your actions regarding those decisions are your sole responsibility and not the responsibility of your 24:7 Friend or 24:7 Friend as an organisation.

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Part 5. Other legal and ethical responsibilities
Part 5: Other legal and ethical responsibilities


24:7 Friend is an Australian-based business, referral service, and agency that refers you to a select network of trained, certified, and/or credentialed coaches who conduct their own business as separate business entities and who agree to everything written and contained in this Agreement. All legal matters will be resolved under Australian law. Each coach who joins 24:7 Friend agrees to be considered their own legal business entity; so, if for some reason a legal action needed to be taken by anyone against a coach or Friend, then both Client and Friend agree that 24:7 Friend is not liable for the actions, behaviours, consequences, or outcomes of the individual coach or Friend. 

Mental Health


At any time, a Friend may discontinue Services with you for any reason but one of those reasons may be if or when they feel that you may be at risk of mental health complications such as clinical depression or anxiety that interferes with your 24:7 Friendship. 

Termination of Agreement Between Client and 24:7 Friend

We value the freedom of all Clients, and so Client may discontinue their relationship with 24:7 Friend or discontinue their relationship with a Friend at any time for any reason without refund. Client accepts that refunds are issued under no circumstances whatsoever. 

Termination of Agreement Between 24:7 Friend and Friend

24:7 Friend values its network of Friends and their professional services performed for Clients, and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in order to deliver great value to all Clients and eachother. Each Friend agrees to work with 24:7 Friend according to this Agreement for a period of one year (365 days) from the date that 24:7 Friend approves their relationship, and this approval is sent via email from 24:7 Friend. We also value the freedom of Friends to discontinue their association with 24:7 Friend and consequentially discontinue their professional relationship to 24:7 Friend at anytime by notifying via email and confirming receipt with 24:7 Friend. 


If anything written in this Agreement is not fulfilled by a Friend or if any of the above listed obligations are not met by a Friend, then the Founder of 24:7 Friend will provide notice via email to the Friend, and upon sending the email, the Friend agrees to remove all 24:7 Friend branding from any and all places online and offline that was beforehand approved for their use.


The Friend agrees to the thorough and complete removal within three business days of the notice provided or else pay a fee to compensate for 24:7 Friend's management of, effort toward, and/or emotional, financial, and/or reputation-related damage done regarding misleading advertising that coach or Friend is still associated with 24:7 Friend. The fee will be calculated based on the advertising potential, time and effort, negative reputation impact, and opportunity cost. The decision that obligations or terms in this Agreement are either not fully met or are not willing to be fully met is a decision that may be decided by either 24:7 Friend or by the Founder of 24:7 Friend or by the coach or Friend. In the case of the latter, then the coach or Friend agrees to comply with the removal and associated requirements described in this Agreement. 

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Part 6. Privacy policy
Part 6. Privacy policy

A standard Privacy Policy discloses the following categories of information, and so here are 24:7 Friend's policies for each category:

  1. The kind of personal information that will be collected from those who purchase products or services on our website and/or Clients:
    • Purchaser and/or Client's email address, name, phone number, location, and any life details to prepare for and/or build upon the coaching conversations between Clients and Friends which includes any and all kinds of personal and/or business information that Client wishes to share in order to define personal or professional goals and reach them with a Friend. ​
  2. The way this information will be used:
    • This information will be used by 24:7 Friend or Friends to help understand Client's needs and goals as part of the coaching relationship. Any information shared with a person outside of 24:7 Friend or outside of the Friend relationship without Client's permission would be strictly anonymised, removing any personal names and other obvious personally-identifying information. ​
    • This information may also be used by 24:7 Friend or Friends to contact the Client via email in order to conduct business in general or motivate the Client to reach their goals or it may be used to send text messages to help Clients make appointments, any of which Client may stop at anytime. 
  3. Any third-party services that this personal information may be shared with, as well as the purpose of this sharing:

    • Third party services may include email management services or third party communications applications such as text messaging services that help 24:7 Friend keep in touch with Clients and manage our relationship. ​

  4. How the company intends to respond to Do Not Track requests as set by each individual site visitor:

    • 24:7 Friend plans to comply with all Do Not Track requests and assumes its website hosting platform allows for this and handles it for them. ​

  5. The process a customer or Client can follow in order to view and edit any of their personal data that has previously been collected by the company:

    • Customers or Clients can send an email at anytime to request this information and to be removed from 24:7 Friend's records. However, 24:7 Friend acts as an agency for Clients and Friends, and so customers or Clients must  contact each Friend directly to request the same process. ​

  6. The way the company plans on informing users about any changes to the Privacy Policy (such as through a generic, bulk email, or pop-up notifications):

    • A date will be placed at the top of this Terms & Privacy page which will indicate when updates have been made last.

    • This Agreement may be updated at anytime, so customer or Client agrees to send a message using the Contact Form on the Contact page of the Website to let 24:7 Friend know that they would like to stay informed of updates to the Terms & Privacy details on this page; otherwise Client agrees to check back periodically to read updates on their own schedule.

    • 24:7 Friend may additionally or optionally send emails to everyone who has joined their mailing list, notifying them this way as well, but this is not a guaranteed service.  ​

  7. The date the Privacy Policy came into effect:

    • The first Privacy Policy of this Website has come into effect on 1 June 2021. When it is updated, a new date will appear on the page where you are reading this. ​

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