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Why We Exist

Our purpose and vision

Hi, I'm Cyndi, Founder of 24:7 Friend.

I remember that day back at University when I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about my future. I needed encouragement. I needed inspiration. I didn't need a therapist or a counsellor. I needed someone closer than that. Someone less formal, more personal. Someone with the conversational and psychological techniques to draw out of me the power I have inside - like my own personal Tony Robbins. 


I thought of how much I love my friends and how they inspire me, but they just didn't have the time, the dedication, the skills, the training, or the energy to help me in the way I need them to. They're too busy. They have their own lives. They may even want to help, but they do not have skills in the science of goal-setting and accountability. (I could say the same about family members, as well.)

I had what seemed like an impossible dream of having someone who would be like a professional friend - chilled out and 100% there to make me the complete center of attention in the conversation whenever I needed it. Someone accessible 24:7. Someone to help me make big decisions or help me take an important action in my life anytime day or night. Someone who had the advanced skills, tools, and techniques to help me identify what really motivates me and to keep me accountable. 


Many years later, I created it. After studying the modern art and science of personal coaching and publishing a book on the subject, I designed 24:7 Friend. Using the professional techniques I learned through the International Coach Federation's credentialing process, and using philosophy I had developed, I formed the idea of 24:7 Friend. 


24:7 Friend is the next stage of evolution in the history of life, business, and career coaching. The old coaching model is not flexible enough or friendly enough. No more of the traditional stiff-collar, corporate-looking, one-hour a week restricted coaching! Life and business coaches have been modelling themselves after professional therapists, where you feel like a "patient" and sit in a chair for an hour a week. Then you come back next week. Maybe you send some emails in between "sessions".

Sorry, that's not powerful enough for me. No more formal "sessions". I want down to earth "conversations". And I need tons more flexibility and accessibility than one hour a week. 


No more feeling like a "patient" in an office chair! I want a skilled personal confidant, a 24:7 Friendship. More like a consistently amazing skilled friend who empowers you without fail. Someone who believes in me 24:7. 


We don't need a suit jacket, collared shirt, pretty secretary blouse, forced smile, or a fake business smile and a corporate attitude; we need a genuine, dedicated, and skilled confidant who will jump on a call in their gym clothes, loaded up with the most clever conversation techniques that supercharge your decision-making and action-taking in any and every area of life.


We need someone who is like a friend, who can be scheduled anytime on-demand to help get clear on those impactful decisions in our personal and professional lives. 24:7 Friend exists to be that new kind of friend.

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